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KIMS SUNSHINE Hospital General Surgery Department deals with routine surgical procedures and also provides surgical treatment for a wide range of health conditions including appendicitis (appendectomy), hernias, block dissection of lymph nodes, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, abdominal hernia and hernia developing as a complication of previous abdominal surgeries (incisional hernia).

Our experienced general and laparoscopic surgeons perform challenging and complicated surgeries to treat life-threatening health conditions of the intestines, stomach, liver, abdomen, neck and chest. The general surgery department offers several surgical procedures on a short-term admission basis. Following a daycare procedure, the patient can return home the same day after a recovery period.

  • Breast biopsy
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Surgery for benign tumours and cysts
  • Surgery for female and male breast diseases
  • Surgery for fibroadenoma of breast
  • Thyroid surgery (total thyroidectomy)
  • Head and neck surgery
  • Surgery for breast tuberculosis and breast abscess
  • Surgery for infective lesions
  • Surgeries for pilonidal cyst, fistula in anus, fissures in anus, haemorrhoids, hydrocele and tumours of testes
  • Breast cancer surgery (mastectomy)

The Department of General Surgery at KIMS SUNSHINE Hospitals also extent its services for the active management of diabetic foot diseases.

  • Treatment is offered for the management of diabetic infection of foot
  • Diabetic foot gangrene treatment
  • Rehabilitation of diabetic foot patients with palliative care by expert Physiotherapist and rehabilitation team
Best General Surgery in hyderabad

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