Top 5 Mistakes People Make after a Knee Replacement

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Top 5 Mistakes People Make after a Knee Replacement

By Dr. A. V. Gurava Reddy, Managing Director

Knee-cious Blunders: The Top 5 Post-Knee Replacement Goofs!

The ability of a knee replacement to be life-changing in alleviating chronic pain and restoring physical mobility is phenomenal. However, its success depends not only on the success of the surgery but also on helping oneself with rehabilitation and post-operative care. Common mistakes made by people make a hindering difference in their ability to have a smoother and more successful recovery.

Learn about the top five mistakes individuals make following knee replacement surgery and how to avoid them. Follow these guidelines for a pain-free and effective healing path.

1. Ignoring Physical Therapy

One of the easiest mistakes to commit upon going through a knee replacement surgery is to underestimate or completely neglect physical therapy. Regaining physical strength, flexibility and mobility in the new joint is the most integral part of the recovery and can be completed using physiotherapy. It is easy, immediately post-operation to ignore physical therapy while overestimating one’s ability to exercise. However, this can cause muscle atrophy, stiffness, and a longer recovery time. It is important to devote to physical therapy and follow a therapist’s guidance to help avoid any future pain issues.

2. Over Pressurising

Although it is extremely important to engage in physical therapy, what is more important is to know when to stop putting pressure on oneself. Complications and setbacks are easily brought on by putting too much pressure on a newly replaced joint. Having and resting after surgery can bring in a sense of excitement in people to do extra exercise, or work for longer, thus ending up damaging their joints or causing excessive pain. The increase in workload and physical movement can be discussed as per your requirement with your doctor or physician. Following these recommendations can help with carefully avoiding jeopardising or overdoing your recovery speed

3. Ignoring Pain and Swelling

It is extremely normal to have some pain and swelling after a knee replacement surgery. But ignoring them can be a significant mistake. Pain and swelling can be seen as signs of progress and not taking medicines can be seen as unnecessary. However, uncontrollable pain can often lead to decreased mobility and cause hindrance in the process of rehabilitation. It is important to let your doctor or physician know of any unnatural pain levels and they can help or advise on pain and swelling management accordingly.

4. Inattention to Medication Guidance

Post-operative Knee replacement needs proper medication management during the recovery period. Some people can choose to ignore medical instructions and give up on medicines during its course, but doing so will only cause more harm than good. Managing pain, preventing blood clots, and infections can be done only using medicines like blood thinners and antibiotics. Ignoring to follow up on the medication course can lead to a slower and complicated recovery and rehabilitation process.

5. Neglecting a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is an important step to take in the healing process. Many people make the mistake of ignoring their body’s need for nutrition after their knee replacement surgery. Nutritional deficiencies can impair your body’s capacity to heal, regenerate tissues, and fight infection. It is pertinent to focus on a diet of nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals to help yourself through a healthy recovery process. Consulting a trusted doctor or nutritionist to create a personalised diet plan would be the best way forward.


An effective knee replacement surgery involves not just the procedure itself, but also the steps you take thereafter to promote recovery and regain mobility. Avoiding the top five mistakes – skipping physical therapy, overdoing it too soon, ignoring discomfort and swelling, disobeying medication recommendations, and ignoring a healthy diet – can make a big difference in your recovery. Remember that open communication with your healthcare team, as well as a dedication to following their suggestions, are critical to a successful and quicker recovery. Don’t let these typical mistakes prevent you from living a pain-free and active life following knee replacement surgery. In the event that you or someone you know is suffering from knee pain, is in need of a knee replacement or any other orthopaedic ailments, you can book an appointment with the most skilled orthopaedic specialists at the best orthopaedic hospital in Hyderabad, KIMS-Sunshine Hospitals, Secunderabad. For a pain-free, healthy existence, the orthopaedic hospital near you can provide excellent medical guidance and can help make wise decisions with your knees and their replacement requirements.


Q. What is the biggest complaint after knee replacement?

A. One of the most common complaints after knee replacement surgery is persistent pain or discomfort, which can occur due to various factors, including inflammation, nerve irritation, or improper rehabilitation. Managing post-operative pain effectively is crucial for ensuring a successful recovery and improved quality of life.

Q.  What can you never do after knee replacement?

A. Running and jumping are high-impact activities that should be avoided after knee replacement surgery because they can strain the new joint. Kneeling on the new knee should also be avoided to minimise any damage or discomfort. Always follow your surgeon’s instructions to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

Q.  Can too much walking damage a knee replacement?

A. Excessive walking might be harmful to a knee replacement. Exercising too soon after surgery might strain the new joint, producing pain and consequences. To ensure a safe and successful recovery, it is critical to follow your surgeon’s advice and gradually raise your activity level.

Q.  What is the best exercise after knee replacement?

A. After knee replacement, the ideal exercise is often a combination of modest, controlled motions such as knee bends, leg lifts, and ankle pumps. Early mobility exercises aid in the improvement of joint flexibility, the reduction of edema, and the prevention of problems. Always get personalised advice from your physical therapist or surgeon for your individual situation.

Q.  Which is the best hospital for knee replacement?

A. The best orthopaedic hospital in Hyderabad is KIMS-Sunshine Hospital in Secunderabad, which has highly skilled orthological specialists and support staff. Book an appointment at the best orthopaedic hospital to get advice or get your knee replacement surgery scheduled.

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