Understanding The Impacts Of Depression

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Understanding The Impacts Of Depression

Mental health is considered a taboo in India. If you choose to address these issues related to mental health, by going to a counsellor or psychologist, you are labeled ‘mental’ or ‘crazy’. While these stereotypes are increasingly breaking, there are a still many who choose not to talk about their suffering.

One such mental health condition is Depression. It is recorded that one in every twenty people in India, over the age of 18 years, has suffered from depression at least once in their life.

Let’s get a deeper understanding of this tabooed word.

DEPRESSIONWhat is Depression

To feel, anxious and sad for loss of someone or something dear to you, or because of the struggles in life is a normal reaction. But when intense sadness along with feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless continues to haunt you to the extent of lasting weeks and months together, keeping you from overcoming losses and living your life happily, it could be clinical depression. It is important to understand that depression is a treatable mood disorder.


  • Feeling low and sad, especially in the morning
  • Tiredness or have a lack of energy all the time
  • Consistent feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Lack of concentration, memory, and indecisiveness
  • Sleeplessness or excessive sleeping
  • Disinterest in everything
  • Suicidal thoughts or fear of death
  • restlessness or slowed down life
  • Excessive weight gain or excessive weight lossSymptoms of Depression

People suffering from depression might also suffer from physical conditions like joint pain, back pain, digestive problems, sleep trouble, and appetite changes. There could be slowed speech and movements because of brain chemicals linked to depression.

Anybody can fall prey to depression, anybody who is going through a low phase in life, struggling in their career, struggling with family issues, or has lost someone very dear can fall into depression. It tends to deprive you of motivation and interest in life, in socialising or being in contact with people.

Depression has the potential to make you lie to people and convince them that everything is alright in your life. While all of these things are possible, it is very important to understand the aggressive harm it is doing to you, and that you desperately need to confide in someone, or seek help to return to normalcy.

We at Sunshine, have a specialised department to cater to psychological disorders. We have a team of doctors who will speak to you, understand your struggles, hear you out and help you feel better about yourself and everything around you. We wish for our patients to talk about mental health and normalise the issue as much as possible.

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