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Department of Physiotherapy & Wellness

The Department of Physiotherapy addresses all the health issues of our patients through well-defined fitness and wellness programmes that cater to complete and comprehensive patient care across almost all specialities. All the programmes and modules of those physiotherapy programmes help our patients improve their health, well-being, and quality of life, which in turn reduces recurring medical expenses. We provide customised wellness modules and exercise regimens as per the individual requirements of the patient and also according to a set goal. All of our physiotherapy programs help patients in alleviating their pain and improve their mobility, flexibility and agility.

Physiotherapy is a vital discipline and a part of holistic treatment encompassing a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach. The KIMS SUNSHINE Department of Physiotherapy and Wellness provides exclusive rejuvenating, reshaping, and empowering programs.

Who needs Physiotherapy?

Some health conditions can deteriorate the functionality and physical abilities of patients. They require timely intervention to avoid bad consequences owing to such an existing health condition. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in preventing complications. The purpose of a well-defined and structured physiotherapy and wellness programme is to help overcome the problems that make an individual’s life physically and functionally debilitating. For instance, severe back pain, neck pain, leg pain, knee pain, pain due to injuries, reduced mobility, stiffness in the legs, and difficulty moving, walking, and bending can hamper an individual’s activities and thus affect routine life. Furthermore, for patients who are recovering from some neurological, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, and rheumatic conditions, life becomes very challenging; structured physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes help such individuals overcome such challenges. When it comes to injuries, pains falls, and other disabilities, physiotherapy comes to the rescue. An individual can achieve his or her fitness and wellness goals by acquiring and regaining strength, flexibility, and functional and physical activity with complete independence by employing customised programs.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists develops special modules of wellness and physiotherapy programmes according to the unique requirements of each individual based on the following criteria and parameters:

  • A comprehensive assessment processes
  • Interaction and discussion with the physician
  • Proper clinical evaluation
  • Customized physiotherapy modules
  • Reassessment and periodic follow-ups

Every patient has concerns pertaining to their injury and health condition, and therefore, they have lots of questions. Our physiotherapists understand the needs of patients, evaluate their health condition, and then come up with an exercise and wellness program.

Our physiotherapists provide care across the following specialities in all healthcare settings: neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, sports medicine, internal medicine, nephrology, paediatrics, gynaecology, cardiology, critical care, psychiatry, and senior citizen’s care.

Our Special Programs

Physical disabilities and neurological problems are often debilitating. Our strength and endurance building and cardiovascular training programmes are specially designed to address such issues.

We provide a broad spectrum of recovery and rehabilitation programs. These programmes help in rehabilitating individuals with muscular disorders, orthopaedic injuries, sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, post-surgical injuries, and post-brain injuries.

We provide comprehensive and holistic weight loss program for obese individuals. This program helps in toning their bodies, strengthening their muscles and reducing fat.

We also provide physiotherapy for cancer patients to improve their well-being and quality of life.

We provide posture or gait training for correcting the postures of those patients who tend to walk awkwardly or move with abnormal body gestures after surgery. This program is good for post-surgical cases.

Our Physiotherapy Department comprises a well-endowed team of more than 40 physiotherapists trained in various disciplines of orthopaedics like trauma, arthroplasty, upper limb, spine, and sports injuries. The team also includes experts in fields outside orthopaedics like sports medicine, critical care, pulmonology, cardiology, and neurology.

The rehabilitation team not only caters to our in-patients but also has an outpatient department to provide home therapy for patients who have been discharged.

Best physiotherapy in hyderabad

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